Change Log

EMLP 0.9.0

  • Cross Platform Support:

    • You can now use EMLP in PyTorch, check out Using EMLP in PyTorch

    • You can also use EMLP with Haiku in jax, check out Using EMLP with Haiku

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed broken constraints with Trivial group

EMLP 0.8.0 (Unreleased)

  • New features:

    • Fallback autograd jvp implementation of drho to make implementing new reps easier.

    • Mixed group representations (now working and tested)

    • Experimental support of complex groups and representations

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Element ordering of mixed groups is now correctly maintained in the solution

    • Fixed edge case of {func}lazy_direct_matmat when concatenating matrices of size 0 affecting {func}emlp.reps.Rep.equivariant_basis but not {func}emlp.reps.Rep.equivariant_projector

  • API Changes:

    • emlp.solver.representation -> emlp.reps

    • emlp.solver.groups -> emlp.groups

    • emlp.models.mlp -> emlp.nn

    • rep.symmetric_basis() -> rep.equivariant_basis()

    • rep.symmetric_projector() -> rep.equivariant_projector()

    • Tests and experiments separated from package and api